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||<tablewidth="95%"> '''Version''' || '''Date posted''' || '''File name''' || '''Tar ball``` || '''Comments''' || ||<tablewidth="95%"> '''Version''' || '''Date posted''' || '''File name''' || '''Tar ball''' || '''Comments''' ||
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|| 2.0 || 19Oct11 || <<AttachGetFile(IDS-NF-020-v2.0.pdf, "IDS-NF-020-v2.0.pdf")>> || <<AttachGetFile(IDS-NF-020-v2.0.tar.gz, "IDS-NF-020-v2.0.tar.gz")>> || Published as a BNL, CERN, EUROnu, FERMILAB and RAL notes. [[http://lanl.arxiv.org/abs/1112.2853v1|arXiv:1112.2853v1 [hep-ex] ]] <<BR>> [[http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1406857/files/pecfa-11-273_Report_Neutrino.pdf| ECFA Panel report]]||
|| 2.1 || || <<AttachGetFile(IDS-NF-020-v2.1.pdf, "IDS-NF-020-v2.1.pdf")>> || || EUROnu WP3 note number corrected. ||

Interim Design Report: document history page

IDS-NF IDR version history


Date posted

File name

Tar ball






Submitted to the ECFA neutrino panel.





Published as a BNL, CERN, EUROnu, FERMILAB and RAL notes. arXiv:1112.2853v1 [hep-ex]
ECFA Panel report



EUROnu WP3 note number corrected.

Specification for the IDR

The 'specifications' for the report, discussed at the 5th IDS-NF Plenary meeting and agreed within the Steering Group are:

  • Self-contained, consistent summary of the physics case for the Neutrino Factory and a concise explanation of the baseline for the accelerator complex and neutrino detectors. The IDR should be supported where appropriate by detailed technical reports published as IDS-NF (EUROnu) notes. Of course, it may be appropriate to publish some of these reports as papers in their own right. The IDR should include an extended bibliography of the associated technical reports;
  • Alternatives to the baseline, limited in number, will be described briefly in the IDR. Additional details should be provided in an Appendix to the report or a separate IDS-NF note/publication;
  • The costing for the IDR will be presented in an Appendix with a summary of the results of the costing being contained in the main report.

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